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Coin master is a casual coin stacking game developed by Israeli studios, Moon Active. It has a collectible strategy model that allows you to stack coins and collect unusual and rare cards to add to your roster. Coin Master cards are a great way to keep the game fun and exciting.

Each card belongs to a specific collection, and the motive is to acquire the full set for yourself. If you manage to do so, you will be awarded many different resources, including free spins, pets, Pet XP, and much more.

If you have been playing the game for a while, then you have probably come to value your different collectible Coin Master cards. These cards help increase your in-game prowess as well as give you a significant advantage over your opponent. In-game cards belong to a specific collection, which helps increase their effects in the game.

3How To Get Different Coin Master Cards ?

Completing Card Collections

Achieving a particular card collection will help you earn extra rewards and spins, which can be used to your advantage. Also, completing collections will reward you with other in-game items, including pets as well. So if you have been on the search for extra items, then it would be a good idea to start by completing your card collections.

The reward you receive is dependent on the type of collection you have and the rarity of it. Rare card collections will earn you massive rewards, while common card collections will result in common rewards.

Where To Find Rare Cards in Coin Master?

Well, like any other game, Coin Master is going to make you work for your reward. Villages in coin master are an indication of your in-game level. The higher the village, the better is your level in the game compared to your opponents.

Most rare and gold cards are found in higher villages only. This feature helps keep them rare without diluting their value. You can receive these rare and gold cards by buying chests in these high-level villages.

You can also trade cards with your friends anytime. This facility helps you get rid of duplicates in favor of a more rare card that you might have never owned. You can also trade cards from people around the world, provided you are friends with them in the game. But you can not trade gold cards so easily.

Gold cards can only be traded between players during special events. These gold card trading events are held by developers regularly, and you can find them in the exclusive section of the game. Having such events allows you to take your time and talk your trade through with a player in the game before pulling the trigger.

As gold cards are quite rare and of very high value, such events help keep their trade to a minimum while allowing players enough chances to complete their in-game card collections.

How To Get Different Coin Master Cards ?

There are mainly three ways that allow you to obtain cards in coin master. Your in-game level and your luck dictate what kind of card you will obtain through these methods. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Buy Chests

Every time you build a new village in the game, you have a chance to purchase chests in that village. These chests will award you with different cards. The cards that you get will be dependent on the village that you are in and it’s level. So if you are on the search for rare cards, then it would be a good idea to hold out until you progress further up in the game.

You can also win chests in timed events occurring in the game. Chests from these events provide a higher chance of winning rare cards than just purchasing them through coins. Conducting regular raids on fellow players will also earn you in-game chests. These chests would also yield rare cards depending on your standing in the game.

Viking Quest

The Viking quest is another sure shot way of earning a rare gold card. This quest allows you to play Viking slots without wasting your precious spins. They only require in-game coins, which makes them quite expendable. Playing and completing Viking quests regularly will not only help you gain rare gold cards but also help you progress through each in-game level much more efficiently.

Card Trading In Groups

Lastly, you can trade cards with your in-game friends to acquire unique and uncommon cards. Additionally, you can also exchange gold cards to complete your collection.

Note: Gold Cards can only be traded between players during special events. And Normal cards have a limit of 5 trades per day.


Mod Apks ( Not Recommended)

Coin Master is a server-sided popular game that has implemented various anti-cheat methods and tools. These tools help provide each player with a fair playing ground and the chance to reach the top. Although most websites on the market today claim to offer mods and hacks that can help you get gold cards for free, that is not the case.

These websites create clones of the game that have been injected with malicious code and malware, which can seriously harm your device and even cause financial loss to you. To avoid such problems, you should avoid any such hacks and mods from unknown websites.

If you are looking for a modified installer file or a hack, then it might be a good idea to start at dedicated forums. These forums will give you a good idea about the hack and ensure that no malicious code has been injected into the installer file.

In case you are unable to find a dedicated hack for coin master, these forums will help you determine a valid eta as well as identify any known causes due to which a hack is unable to release.

Final Words

The above guide was developed to help you get a good grip over the different cards and reward systems in the game. We hope you found the answers that you were looking for. Did we miss out on something? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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