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Commercial Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

Link your bank card for access in-app, online, at ATMs or on your phone. Over 55s with a balance below R 100 000 get an extra 0.5% annually for periods over 12 months. Interest calculated daily and paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at period end. Who is on the ryder cup team this year. Capital guaranteed. See fixed Deposit T&Cs. Fixed deposit with Hatton National Bank will fetch you one of the most attractive rates-of-interest in the market. In HNB fixed deposits, our customers have the flexibility of choosing the period of deposit depending on their specific requirements.

Interest rates effective from 15/12/2020 (Percentage per Annum)
Period< Rs. 2 Cr
7 – 14 Days3.00
15 – 30 Days3.00
31 – 45 Days3.00
46 – 90 Days3.75
91 - 120 Days4.25
121 to 180 Days4.30
181 Days to <1 Year 4.50
1 Year 5.25
>1 Year to 2 Years5.30
>2 Year to 3 Years5.50
>1 Year to 3 Years-
>3 Years to 5 Years5.55
>5 Years to 10 Years 5.60
  • Interest rates are subject to change. Hence depositor will ascertain the rates as on the date of placement from the website.
  • Aggregate value of deposits placed by a depositor on the day for an identical tenor will be taken for deciding applicable interest rate.
  • For interest rates for deposits of Rs. 2 Crores and above, Please contact our nearest branch.
Interest is calculated on daily product basis and is credited on quarterly basis in the months of April, July, October and January every year.
Saving Bank deposits rates w.e.f. 31.03.2020
On balance upto & including Rs. 25.00 lakhs3.00% p.a.
On balance above Rs. 25.00 lakhs
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