Bank Of Baroda Fixed Deposit Rates

Bank Of Baroda Fixed Deposit Rates

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Interest Rates on Deposit (AED) w.e.f.Terms: Rates are subject to change from time to time and Negotiable. Rate of interest on various deposits (including NRI Deposits) and advances in India please click here. For Deposit other currency and less than AED 25000 please contact to branch. The IDFC FIRST Bank Fixed Deposit offers 7.50% interest rate. How to download bet+ app. We offer different features like no penalty on early withdrawal, competitive interest rates, high returns and more. Open Tax Saving FD account online now! Above 24 months to 36 months.The BOB NRE Fixed Deposit interest rates are subject to change at the discretion of the bank. The interest rates mentioned in this table are valid as of 10 January 2020. Bank Of Baroda Fixed Deposit Rates. Maturity Period Interest Rate (With Effect From November 26) Seven to 40 days: 4.5%: 15 to 45 days: 4.5%: 46 to 90 days: 4.75%: 91 to 180 days: 5.5%: 181 to 270.

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Baroda Fixed Deposit

Baroda Fixed Deposit Accounts are ideal for customers who want to earn higher rate of interest, and are able to invest a fixed sum of money for a specified period of time. The period ranges from one month to sixty months at the customer’s option. This product offers convenient solutions to working individuals, businesses, companies, associations, societies and senior citizens. These products enable you to enjoy security and competitive rates of interest on your deposits.

Key Features

  • Fixed deposits are accepted in both NZ dollars and US dollars.
  • Minimum deposit required of NZ$1000 (if the account is held in NZ dollars) or US$1000 (if the account is held in US dollars).
  • Minimum period of deposits – One month.
  • Maximum period of deposits – Sixty months.
  • The rate of interest depends on the amount of the deposit, the currency and the maturity period.
  • Interest is paid on maturity. Tax, if applicable, will be deducted as per tax norms.
  • Overdrafts or loans secured against the deposit (NZD) are offered on demand for up to 90% of deposit amount.
  • Payment of the deposit prior to the maturity date is permitted, with the Bank’s consent. However, in such cases a lesser rate of interest will be paid (see Fees and Charges below).
  • Automatic renewal of the deposit.
  • Facility to view account balance & transactions over Internet.

Fees and Charges

Bank Of Baroda Interest Rate

  • Where the deposit is paid to the customer prior to the maturity date, interest will be paid at 1% per annum below the applicable rate for the actual period the deposit was kept with the Bank.
  • Our fees and charges are subject to change from time to time. For all charges please see our service charges.

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