Early Bird Bingo

If you’re new to bingo, it’s easy to get started! First, purchase a buy-in pack. We have both traditional paper and electronic games. We recommend beginners start with electronic. If you decide to go with the traditional paper games, we have daubers for purchase. The buy-in for morning sessions includes 10 bingo games, with nine bingo cards, or 9-on. The matinee and evening sessions feature 12 games with 12-on.

Early bird bingo rules

Early Bird Bingo Clipart

VFW – Early Bird @ Carefree Bingo Feb 23 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm VFW Post 4051 is a local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars dedicated to helping veterans and their families chartered in the Pikes Peak region in 1945. Arts and crafts early bird bingo games hot dogs nacho scavenger hunt slime super bowl party waffles. Winter Fun Friday January 22nd – Sunday January 24th.

House Special Pack: Purchase a House Special pack to receive additional games that offer a higher progressive pot. Games are played every third game.

Fish Bowl Progressive Pot

We’ll draw a fish bowl number before each morning, matinee, and evening session. Each time the fish bowl number is called during the regular session and no one bingos, the pot progresses (amount is designated for the particular session in play). When someone bingos on a fish bowl number (and they’ve purchased a fish bowl ticket for that session), that winner is awarded the fish bowl pot amount in addition to the prize amount for that game. Once the progressive amount is won, the fish bowl pot is reset.

Backyard Bird Bingo

To play in the fish bowl pot games, you must purchase an additional ticket for $1. The pot starts at $100 for morning sessions and $200 for matinee and evening sessions.

Bingo Games

Before regular bingo sessions, we typically play warm-up and early bird sessions. These sessions have a smaller payout than our regular games. Refer to the weekly bingo schedule below to see when we’re playing warm-up, early bird, and regular sessions as well as what each game is paying out.

At Meskwaki, we want you to have a blast! We’ve always got different specials happening every month. From wacky holidays like April Fools Day to out of the ordinary dress up days, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. How to bet trifecta in horse racing.

Make it a celebration! Play Bingo on your birthday at Meskwaki and you’ll receive $20 off a bingo admission with a valid I.D.