Earn Money By Playing Games On Android

Awesome gameplay and reliability are also assured when you play games online on Paym First Games, be it a fast-paced arcade, action, racing, sports, cards, and even puzzles. When you refer your friends to download the app and play their best games with you, you will earn a big amount as referral bonus cash. Solitaire is the only card game app where you can MAKE REAL MONEY PLAYING FREE VIDEO GAMES! Here, you can not only Play Games but also Earn Money by Playing Games On Android. This is a Paytm Cash Earning Game to Play Cricket and Earn Free Paytm Cash. To Earn Money from this Game, you can either play a regular game where you have to score a given run or you can participate in the hourly contest to earn lives.

It’s evident that everyone who owns a smartphone has this one game they like playing to entertain themselves, keep them busy while traveling, or have nothing to do. In this article, I’m going to show you how to make money playing games on your Mobile Phone. Did you know you can add up an extra coin in your wallet by using your phone? You should download the following apps and start earning while you still enjoy playing your game.

Top 5 Apps To Make Money Playing Games

  • Languinis
  • 2048 Dragon Genesis
  • Bomber Friends
  • Bubble Buggie
  • Shoot the pirate


Languinis is our first earning game where you can Win the most rounds in endless mode. This game has an offer to win $15 for the player who gets to the first place and $1 for the first ten runners-up. Having a total of eleven winners in one game. This competition goes on every day, download this app and start playing.

2048 Dragon Genesis

Run the dragon and get the highest score to win $10 for first place and $1 for the first ten runners-up. As you enjoy dragon genesis game, you can earn the above amount by joining 500 players who bargain for the chance to win.

Bomber Friends

You’re needed to get the highest rank after your first seventy-five online classic games and win $100 for first place and $10 for the first twenty runners-up. You need to join the clue of the Bomber friend since it has a maximum number of 750 players. Bomb your attackers as first as possible and stand a chance to grab this prizes by the bomber friends game.

Bubble Buggie


Earn Money By Playing Games On Android 2018

In Bubble Buggie game you get 21 new users, when you’re the best scorer on any level, you get to earn an amount of $50 for first place and $5 for the first fifteen runners-up. The game has five hundred players who bargain for the chance to be in the twenty-one players who negotiate for this prize.

Shoot the pirate

Bovada poker download failed download. Here comes another app which earns you cash. In this game, you are supposed to shoot and kill your contestants and emerge the winner. This game ranks you depending on your skills in using a magical gun to aim your enemies who want to kill your dream to the destination. When you win, you get some dollars for a specific rank.


After earning gifts by playing this games, the next step is to claim your rewards through visa, Amazon, and iTunes gift cards which every inventive game player should own. In every game window, you will get a click button where you should link your card if the link is not available you should know this not a genuine money generating game. The more you play the more you increase your skills and chances to win this bonus.

Earn Money By Playing Games On Android Phone


To embrace the above tricks on how to make money playing games on your mobile Phone, it’s such a simple task to take like playing any other game on your phone. On your play or app store search and download the above apps, then follow the instructions and do your best to earn the top rank levels which have the best earning. Good luck buddy!