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Gala Bingo is an online bingo and casino offering under the ownership of Entain.[1]

Gala Bingo was created in 1991 as a division of Bass plc. It later became an independent company, and then became the Gala Coral Group after acquiring Coral Eurobet in 2005. After the sale of its 126 clubs in 2015 to Caledonia Investments (who rebranded them as Buzz Bingo in September 2018[1]), Gala Coral retained the online Gala services and was later acquired by Ladbrokes (which was later acquired by GVC Holdings).

Gala's logo Gala Bingo is an online bingo and casino offering under the ownership of Entain. Gala Bingo was created in 1991 as a division of Bass plc. It later became an independent company, and then became the Gala Coral Group after acquiring Coral Eurobet in 2005. After the sale of its 126 clubs in 2015 to Caledonia Investments (who rebranded them as Buzz Bingo in September 2018), Gala Coral. Gala Bingo’s Games tab has one of the best range of online slot games anywhere on the internet! So if you want to play online games you’re in the right place as they’re also the best online games too. Dive into a world of Online slot games Let’s take a look shall we? Members of our local senior community will be there to hand out a bag of swag, filled with sweet treats and fun Valentine items for you to enjoy at the virtual gala on February 14th. The virtual gala will have music, dancers, BINGO, trivia and wonderful prizes for the winners! Space is limited to the first 200 households-so please register soon.


The chain began as bingo clubs operated by Bass Leisure, a division of Bass plc. As of 1983, Bass had 22 clubs operating under the Coral brand, and another 24 located in its Pontins holiday camps.[2] That year, Bass purchased a chain of 80 bingo clubs from Thorn EMI for £18.2 million.[2] By 1988, Bass was down to 72 locations, but added another 30 by purchasing Zetters Leisure for £23 million.[3]

In May 1991, Bass purchased Granada plc's chain of 74 bingo clubs for £147 million.[4][5] Combined with Bass's 91 clubs, the chain was tied with the Rank Organisation for the largest bingo operator in Britain.[4] A united brand for the combined operation, 'Gala,' was chosen by John Murphy of Interbrand as a simple word incorporating letters from 'Granada' and 'Coral'.[6] Gala was officially launched on 17 October 1991 when 17 clubs re-branded and launched a new image.

In 1997 a management buy-in purchased all 130 Gala Bingo Clubs from Bass for £235 million.[7]

Over the next few years, Gala began acquiring other bingo clubs to increase their portfolio, including 17 clubs from Ritz in July 1998 and 10 clubs from Jarglen in March 2000. In April 2000, they added 27 Riva Bingo Clubs from First Leisure for £90 million. Gala diversified outside bingo for the first time when it purchased 26 Ladbroke Casinos for £235 million from the Hilton Group in December 2000. In 2001 it added the Jamba Online business for £1.5m.[8]

The owners sold the whole business for £1.24 billion in February 2003 to the private equity firms Candover and Cinven.[9]Permira bought a stake in the company in August 2005, which valued the business at £1.89 billion.[10]

In October 2005, Gala acquired Coral Eurobet for £2.18 billion and changed its name to Gala Coral Group, creating the United Kingdom's third largest bookmaker and largest bingo operator.[11]

Evening numbers for saturday. The group added another 10 bingo clubs in 2006 when it purchased the County Clubs in Scotland for £64 million.[12] The company spent another £14.5 million in February 2006, when it bought the Leo Casino in Liverpool from Dolby Management Ltd increasing the number of casinos in the estate to 31 (at the time).[13]

Gala Coral won 403 betting licences in Italy in an open market tender in December 2006, under its Eurobet brand. The group formally established an international division in 2007. The group also set up a joint venture to attempt to launch bingo shops in China.[14]

In 2011, a decision was made to move substantial parts of the business to Gibraltar, including almost all of the remote gaming division. The group, through acquisitions and new developments had over 30 casinos and 1,800 licensed betting offices.

Gala's total clubs peaked at around 174, but since 2007 and the introduction of smoking bans in Great Britain, this total declined to around 140.[15] In their year end accounts of 2012, the company reported employment of 4,801 staff in their bingo clubs, along with 10,849 in 1,600 Coral shops, 2,776 in 25 casinos, 276 in remote gambling and 98 in Italy where it had over 400 betting outlets, plus a further 374 in support staff functions.[16]

In July 2015, Gala Coral agreed to be acquired by its slightly larger rival Ladbrokes.[17] The 130 Gala Bingo clubs were not part of the merger, and were sold to Caledonia Investments for £241 million in December 2015.[18][19] The merger was completed on 1 November 2016, and Ladbrokes became Ladbrokes Coral.[20]


As of 2008, Gala Bingo operated 137 clubs throughout the United Kingdom, with approximately a 24% share of all clubs and nearly 40% of National Bingo Game ticket sales up until the operator's withdrawal from the National Game in Summer 2008. Gala has around five million bingo members, of which approximately 1.2 million are active players. Gala Bingo has an average of 600,000 admissions per week.

Play Gala Bingo

The bingo division began participation in the Nectar loyalty card scheme on 1 June 2007.[21] Nectar points were originally awarded for club admissions, and additionally for slot machine play from 1 September 2007, a first for the bingo industry. Gala Bingo no longer participates in the Nectar loyalty card scheme.

On 31 July 2007, pensioner Pauline Clarke, 62, became Gala's first GBP millionaire, after winning a tie break against another online player.[22]

Gala TV was a satellite TV channel that aired from 2006 to 2011, showing bingo games.

Online services under the Gala brand are operated by GVC Holdings, including an online bingo site,, and an online casino,[23]


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Gala Bingo is one of the biggest names on the Bingo scene, both online and offline. Even if you’ve never played a game of Bingo before in your life, you’ll likely have seen one of the gigantic Bingo Halls that Gala run throughout the UK. In fact, Gala are one of the few companies to successfully manage both offline and online bingo halls.

Running on Virtue Fusion software, Gala Bingo is known for its unique and varied range of features and exclusive games, and the Gala Bingo website is one of the most visited online gambling sites in the world.

Bingo Games

Gala Bingo offers one of the largest selection of bingo rooms and games that can be found online, and below, we’ll look at some of the most popular rooms on the site.

Big Banker Bingo

Big Banker Bingo is one of the more unique bingo rooms you will come across. Open from 8AM – 1AM GMT every day, this 90-ball bingo game offers those who are happy to take a risk for an increased reward the chance to do just that. If you’re lucky enough to make a full house during one of the games, you’ll be given the chance to risk your win for an even bigger cash prize. Decisions, decisions.

While it’s not for everyone, the game is great fun; and with over 650 winners every single day, it’s understandably a very popular room.

City Bingo

City Bingo is another favourite at Gala, and that’s thanks to the progressive jackpot game which is played 4 times an hour. Running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the City Bingo room is a great place for those on any budget to enjoy 90-ball bingo games, with tickets varying from 5 pence to 50 pence. Plus, with a jackpot that is continually rising, there is always the possibility of winning life changing money in a matter of minutes.

The Chase Bingo

Exclusive to Gala Bingo, The Chase Bingo is based on the hit TV show of the same name, using a 90-ball bingo format. The Chase Bingo offers an interesting post-game feature allowing you to take your winnings and compete head to head with the chaser to win even more cash.

Running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Chase Bingo room offers games from as little as 5 pence each.

Coronation Street Bingo

Yep, it’s bingo on the cobbles. Another Gala exclusive, Coronation Street Bingo is one of the most English rooms at Gala – and probably anywhere else too for that matter.

By successfully merging the best of Coronation Street with 90-ball bingo, this unique game-type offers a memorable and even nostalgic experience. Boasting the impressive statistic of paying out over £10,000 to its players every single day, and with an average prize per game of £48, it’s not hard to see why this has become one of the stand out favourites at the site.


Rush Bingo is Gala’s take on turbo bingo, which is essentially a regular 90-ball bingo game on fast forward. New games begin every two minutes, and the idea is to play as many games as you can in the least amount of time.

To ensure that this doesn’t get too costly, you can purchase tickets for as little as 1 pence, and with an average of £3,600 paid out every day, it’s clear that the Rush room offers decent potential for all players.


Castle is another of Gala’s more popular bingo rooms, offering players the chance to enjoy low cost 90-ball bingo with tickets starting from just 1 pence, and 24/7 gaming facilities available. A small selection of games inside the Castle room boast two progressive jackpots, and during the Super Spotlight jackpot games – which are played 4 times an hour – the jackpot can be won by calling a full house in 45 balls or less.

A huge number of games are played in the Castle room every hour, making it yet another ideal destination for the avid bingo player.

That’s just a small selection of the rooms and games that Gala Bingo offer their players. For a full list, head to the main ‘Bingo’ page, where you can view a full schedule alongside viewing details of each room.

Side Games

Gala Bingo have an impressive selection of side games for you to enjoy – at the time of writing there are 257 different options.

Some of these are Gala exclusives, while others you may well recognise from land based casinos or bingo halls. With games available from developers such as Barcrest, Blueprint Gaming and Playtech, there is a lot of choice spanning a few different categories: Slots, Casino Table Games, Arcade Games and Scratchcards.

Gala Bingo Usa

Head to the Slots, for example, and you are inundated with choice, with titles including: Rainbow Riches, Big Banker Slot, Magpie Mayhem, Fluffy Favourites, Clover Rollover (progressive jackpot of £1,018,864), Monopoly: Bring the House Down, Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix and Action Bank.

Prefer playing classic casino table games? Then simply select ‘Card and Table’ from the navigation menu and you’ll be able to choose from games like: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and 3 Card Poker.

Loyalty Program

Gala Bingo’s loyalty points are nicknamed ‘Happy Points’, and from the moment you begin playing at the site you start earning Happy Points automatically by depositing, playing real money bingo games and playing side games. There’s no opt-in required, and once you’ve managed to accumulate a certain number of points, you can exchange them for bonus cash to spend on bingo, slots or other games available at Gala.

The Happy Points are awarded depending on your loyalty level, and you earn a certain number of points for every £1 you wager on the games. A breakdown of how the points are awarded is shown below:

Loyalty LevelBingoSlotsGames

There are five loyalty levels in total, and all players automatically begin at Chilled. Earn 3,000 loyalty points to progress to Cheery, and earn 12,000 points to enter the Chirpy tier. If you manage to accumulate 25,000 loyalty points you’ll be entered into the Cheeky tier, but from that point onwards it’s invite only, so be certain to keep an eye on your emails to see if you’re invited. You are sure to be Chipper and Chuffed if you are! (See what we did there?)

Payments and Withdrawals

One of the big problems many bingo players face when playing online, is finding a payment method that suits their personal requirements. Not everyone wants to use their day to day Debit card to make gambling transactions, particularly if you’re a regular player who deposits and/or withdraws frequently.

Thankfully, while few other options were available when online gambling was in its infancy, today there’s a huge range of options available, with EWallets perhaps being the easiest. An EWallet is like a virtual bank account and they are incredibly secure, usually free, and offer the added benefit of instant withdrawals, so it’s well worth signing up for one.

Some examples of popular EWallets (supported by Gala), include PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. The Gala Bingo website displays a full list of its accepted payment methods from its banking pages, and you’ll be able to see which options are available to you under the ‘My Account’ section.

Withdrawals at Gala Bingo take a couple of days, so don’t expect your cash in record time. Remember though, that if you’re using an EWallet like PayPal or Neteller, once Gala has processed your withdrawal you’ll have immediate access to your funds. So even though the sites pending time is a little longer than we’d like, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter too much.