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  • Greeting Card Holiday Movie Bingo is a game that – in the true spirit of Christmas – encourages fighting between friends and loved ones. It also fosters an unhealthy sense of competition in order to prove to said loved ones that you’re the best at playing a really stupid game. So, you know, click around on.
  • Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo Masterpost Hi, I’m trash (if we haven’t established this already), and I have a major soft spot for Hallmark movies of the holiday variety. So, for December, I decided to challenge myself to some rom-com tropes.
  1. Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Printable
  2. Holiday Movie Bingo Printable
  3. Holiday Movie Bingo Cards
  4. Holiday Movie Bingo Board

Start a new tradition this Christmas with these Christmas movie Christmas bingo cards! It’s a typical Christmas bingo game with a little movie inspired twist! Simply print the cards, buy some bingo prizes, and enjoy a cozy new Christmas tradition. Christmas Eve Bingo Game.

The holiday season is one of the best times to watch movies as a family. There are so many good Christmas movies for kids and adults! Today, I have rounded up 24 Best Christmas Movies for Family. Site casino. Be sure to download the Family Holiday Movie BINGO game so that you can check off all of the movies you watch during the season!

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Best Christmas Movies for Family 2020

One of our favorite family holiday traditions is to snuggle up together on the couch and watch Christmas movies. It is one of the best times of the year for family movie nights because it is cold and dark and the only thing that sounds good is staying indoors and watching movies.

Fortunately, there are so many good family Christmas movies. This Christmas movie list could have been pages and pages long. However, I rounded up some of the best Family movies our family enjoys. There are some new Christmas movie favorites for 2020.

This Christmas movie list includes holiday classics, animated features and tried and true favorites almost everyone loves! There is a Christmas movie for everyone on this list. It can be hard to find movies that appeal to all ages especially if you have young kids, tweens and teens.

Hallmark holiday movie bingo

Some movies on this list might be better for older kids and teens. But most of the Christmas movies on this list are good for kids of all ages!

24 Good Family Christmas Movie to Watch

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Printable

  1. Christmas Vacation (For older kids and tweens)
  2. Miracle on 34th Street (1994 version is a favorite)
  3. Frosty the Snowman (Check here for where you can watch this classic)
  4. Christmas with the Kranks
  5. A Christmas Story
  6. The Polar Express (One of the best Christmas movies for kids)
  7. It’s a Wonderful Life
  8. Klaus (This 2019 Netflix original is so heart warming. My kids love this movie!)
  9. Elf (Even younger kids can appreciate the funny antics of Elf!)
  10. Frozen (Be sure to watch both Frozen 1 and Frozen 2!)
  11. The Grinch (We prefer this animated version of The Grinch)
  12. Home Alone (1 is the best, but many kids do enjoy 2 and 3)
  13. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  14. The Santa Claus (1 and 2)
  15. Jingle Jangle (A new 2020 Christmas movie favorite! The set and costumes are beautiful and the story is very special)
  16. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas
  17. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (This is a family classic that is a must watch every holiday season)
  18. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  19. Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Holiday Movie Bingo Printable

Family Christmas Movie Night Food Ideas

Once you decide on which Christmas movie to watch with your kids, you can get in the mood by serving holiday themed snacks!

There are so many cute food ideas for your Family Movie night including a Hot Cocoa Bar or a Christmas themed Charcuterie Board. Or combine hot cocoa and a Christmas Charcuterie board for a Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board, like this one from Homemade Hoosier!

Have you watched a lot of Christmas movies with your family yet? We still have a lot of holiday movies to watch together. If you want to keep track of which Christmas movies you have watched with your family, download this Family Christmas Movie Bingo Game! You can try to get a BINGO or you can even try to check off every movie on this list!


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Holiday Movie Bingo Cards

Holiday Movie Bingo Board

Ready to kick up your Holiday Movie Viewing up a notch? Try playing Holiday Movie Bingo! Whether you are addicted to the Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas, watching on ION, or binging the latest offerings from Netflix, this set of Bingo Cards will add some spice to your viewing party.
Ok, I will admit it. I am a sucker for Hallmark Christmas Movies. It all started a few years ago when I began 'ironically' watching them over the holiday. As much as I tried to look away and not watch, I found myself drawn to their predictable formula of holiday cheer and romance. There is something reassuring about the idea that over the course of 2 hours that you will go from a city scene with a main character who works far too hard and is too busy for Christmas to an idyllic small town setting where the local hottie will help the main character discover the true meaning of the holiday and together they will find true love. All of this while managing to have their first kiss in the last scene. From this point forward to be known as #FKLS or 'FirstKissLastScene
In the formula you can be assured that you will encounter a whole host of holiday themed tropes. In almost every movie there will be a baking scene with a flour fight, a character or small town with a Christmas themed name, a snowball fight, a musical montage, or the main character dressed in green or red. Don't overlook all of the former child stars as main characters! From Danica McKeller A.K.A Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years to Candace Cameron Bure A.K.A. D.J. Tanner from Full House. Oh, don't forget Lacy Chabert from Party of Five. Let's just say, I am glad that they are all still working.
Realizing just how often the same things occurred, my wife and I started calling them out as they appeared. Last year, I came across a set of Bingo cards online, and let's just say that they significantly enhanced the viewing experience. This year, I decided to create my own set of Christmas Movie Bingo cards and share them with you.
Here is the initial set of 8 unique cards. To create them, I complied a list of over 100 different commonly occurring items or events from the hours of research that I have done over the years. I will just leave this right here for you and your friends and family to enjoy. I would love to hear about your Christmas Movie Bingo experience. Please share which card and movie you got Bingo with. Also, remember this works not only with the Hallmark Christmas Movies, but try it with ION and the Netflix Original Christmas Movies.
You can thank or blame me in the comment section below.
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