Luiz Torres Freeroll

Ufc heavy hitters finale

Chip Counts

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Aug 22, '15

Here are a look at some of the biggest counts in the room, along with some of the more notables players still remaining.

John Dolan – 214,000
Luis Torres – 155,000
Scott Kehr – 145,000
Doc Stukes – 114,000
Rick Hartert – 105,000
Jeffrey Trudeau – 90,000
Collin Wilson – 76,000
Moses Clepper – 75,000
Maurice Hawkins – 67,000
Steve Karp – 41,000
Jalen Coyle – 38,000
TK Miles – 36,000

Collin Wilson Chipping Up

Aug 22, '15

On the turn with the board reading A1045, Luis Torres checked from middle position and Collin Wilson bet 8,500 from the cutoff. Torres check-called and the 7 peeled off on the river.

Torres checked again and Wilson bet 16,500. Torres went into the tank for several minutes before tossing his hand into the muck, conceding the pot to Wilson.

Collin Wilson 76,000
Luis Torres – 155,000


Aug 23, '15

27th Luis Torres $3,605
28th Matthew Wright $3,605
29th Derek Updergraff $3,605
30th Rory McCoid $3,605
31st Ray Weaver $3,605
32nd Henry Theiling $3,605
33rd Vincent Caruso $3,605
34th Joseph DiChiaro $3,605
35th Doc Stukes $3,605
36th Enos Smith $3,135
37th Robert Searles $3,135
38th Brett Silverman $3,135
39th Toby Mathews $3,135
40th Keith Boatright $3,135
41st George Wolfe $3,135
42nd Tanner Martinelli $3,135
43rd Mike Heflin $3,135
44th David Yeazell $3,135

Jeff Flaschen Bluffing?

Aug 23, '15


It appears the players at Jeff Flaschen’s table think he his bluffing quite a bit.

Luis Torres Freeroll

“Are you bluffing again?” TK Miles asked from the big blind after Flaschen raised to 18,000 from under the gun.

Luis Torres called from the small blind and Miles followed.

Flaschen bet 18,000 after a K93 flop and both Torres and Miles folded.

Luis Torres Freeroll Password

“I think you bluffed again,” Miles said. “I think you did it again.”