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myVegas is no different than any other consumer product or service, you pay for what you get. Purchasing chips has never been a requirement for the “freemium” game. I’ve had quite a bit of success redeeming valuable rewards at the meager cost of a little bit of free time. Over time, however, players have learned that, if you pay, you tend to get more. The general rule for MLife properties is that a player can redeem 3 rewards every 30 days. Allure of the seas poker tournament 2020. However, some people who purchased chip packages soon found out that their reward limit increased. A few have reported being able to redeem as many as 6 rewards in a given trip. The ratio for money spent to rewards allotted is a closely held PlayStudios secret.

3.3M likes 3,412 talking about this. MyVEGAS slots brings Vegas to you with artful games and FREE rewards from top Las Vegas resorts like Bellagio, Aria, MGM Grand, and the Mirage.

However, this isn’t the only perk paying players are receiving. Apparently, purchasing chip packages can expand the rewards catalogue as well. Members of various myVegas groups have confirmed that purchasing chips have given them access to additional rewards. See, it’s this kind of hard-hitting investigative journalism you get here at VFB. When are the Pulitzer winners announced? Anyway, it seems that the $50 package grants access to these unlockables. Though, don’t go making any purchases on my word, as it is not a guarantee. So, what additional rewards are these digital high rollers seeing? Here are a few:

  • 2 night comp stays at all MLife properties including Aria and Vdara
  • Station Casino comp rooms
  • Shaq rewards

Obviously, the most valuable of the bunch are the Shaq rewards. Those are priceless. For the record, I reached out to the myVegas team about the change. Here was their response:

Here at myVEGAS we’re constantly testing new features- Rewards, pricing, etc., so that we can optimize the game experience for our players. This means that sometimes one player may have a slightly different experience than another. While these are driven by software and we aren’t able to manually manipulate a specific player’s data, since you’ve expressed interest in this Reward we’ll pass on to our partners that our players would like more of them.

I should note that I never inquired about a specific reward. I merely asked, very generally, if players who purchase chip packages have access to different rewards. This is good to know, though. myVegas actually has no control over anything, you guys. It’s all controlled by something called ‘software’. They can’t do anything about the way the game operates or what we have access to. Who even knows how ‘software’ works? Also, I do like that we get to consider pricing a “feature” of a service. The vacuum I bought yesterday had so many features: additional hoses, an elongated swivel neck for hard to reach places, and a very conveniently placed price tag.

The results of my groundbreaking investigation does not necessarily mean that spending money on the game is a good value play. As we know with the room rewards that are available to us non-paying players, the availability is limited. My advice is to play and pay based on your enjoyment of the game. Using the game simply to get a certain reward may ultimately lead to disappointment. I use myVegas to complement my planned trips; I never use it to determine my itinerary.

To personally contact the 2016 Pulitzer Prize board members on my behalf, you can do so here: Pulitzer Prize Board 2015-2016

A few times per year, a new major myVEGAS update is pushed to all iOS and Android users. Come check out all of the new features and changes in the new update in this guide.

On February 6th, 2020, the myVEGAS app was updated to version 3.0.7, bringing with it a number of new features and changes. Everything new we’ve noticed is listed below.

Myvegas App Free Chips Online

Have you noticed anything else new in the latest myVEGAS update? Comment below and help other users out!

Myvegas App Free Chips

New myVEGAS Features

New Graphics / Interface

A number of graphics in the game have been updated and refreshed. As well, a lot of the font boxes have been increased in size so that its easier to read the terms of each reward for example.


Some of the new graphics in myVEGAS we noticed are:

  • Updated splash screen
  • Updated rewards screen
  • New purchase screens

More Daily Bonuses

The change log for the latest myVEGAS update mentions that more daily bonuses will be handed out to help players of the game.

New Lap Feature

A new “laps” feature has been added to the myVEGAS app. You take virtual laps around the Las Vegas strip when you spend chips in the daily game (which started out as King Kong). Every time you complete a lap, you unlock a present that is worth more bonus chips.

In order to complete one full lap, you have to spend 30 million in total purple chips.

If you want to know how to earn unlimited chips in myVEGAS, click here.

myVEGAS Rewards List

If you new myVEGAS update is letting you rack up more gold coins that before, you’ll next want to know what you should spend it on!


We have a couple of rewards guides to help you make a decision.

Myvegas App Free Chips No Deposit

What new features in the myVEGAS app have you noticed? Let us know below!