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Jordan Gibbons, NAB Head of ATMs and Interchange said the seven year deal, which commenced in March last year, will see NAB overhaul its existing network of 1600 ATMs converting its legacy operating system from OS/2 ATM to Windows XP.
  • All you need is a PIN enabled NAB ATM card or credit card linked to a NAB account and you can start banking at Australia Post, including: making cash deposits. (up to $9,999 per customer per day) making cheque deposits. (up to five cheques per transaction with a value up to $999,999.99) making withdrawals. (up to $2000 per customer per day).
  • Payment facility provider, Payments, mobile & wallets, NAB, ANZ The battle for control of Australia’s ATM management and cash logistics sector is intensifying as Lindsay Fox’s Armaguard group and Spanish giant Prosegur vie to acquire the offsite ATMs of several major banks.
The seven year deal will also see NCR provide helpdesk services, support and maintenance of ATMs, monitoring of the ATM network and overall coordination of third party services for ATMs, Gibbons said.

Golden nugget super contest. This number is likely higher too, since 58% of deposits earn interest above 1.00%, which isn’t necessarily above inflation. Based on a quick search of NAB’s term deposit products, the average across its term deposit range (one month – five years) is a mere 1.14% p.a. – more than 50 basis points below inflation.

Nab deposit atm sydney“The major benefit of this contract is that we [NAB] will now be providing our customers with a much more reliable and functionally-rich ATM network. It’s enabling us to see the ATM channel being more than a place where people get cash from,” he said.
NAB’s ATM upgrade, which is expected to be completed in September, will also introduce for the first time in Australia a fleet of NCR SelfServ ATMs that Gibbons said will improve ATM uptime and offer advanced functionality for customers.
Some of the new functionality will include the ability for customers to participate in Intelligent Depositing – a feature of the NCR SelfServ ATMs which let customers immediately process cheques and cash deposited at ATMs.
The usual practice of depositing cash or cheques via ATM usually involves a lengthy process delay, but Gibbons said the new machines will eradicate this wait.

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“The trust factor which is lacking with an envelope deposit is also overcome,” he said.

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The new ATMs will also feature self-healing capabilities that allow the machines to reboot automatically if a power outage occurs or notify staff if restocking of receipts is needed.

Nab Deposit Atm

“The biggest benefit of these ATMs, from a consumer point of view, is availability. The self healing capability increases the availability of our ATMs so any minor incident which might otherwise cause the ATM to be unavailable, can be restored very quickly now.”

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Although only fifty of the SelfServ ATMs will initially be deployed at NAB capital city branches, Gibbons said there were plans to introduce more when current ATMs reached their end of life.