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3 Patti Real Money Paytm Cash. The most common payment method that will allow you to play 3 patti for real money by depositing cash is Paytm. You are probably aware of the payment system already, as basically all e-commerce stores in India are using them, luckily a lot of the Indian facing casinos are also accepting Paytm payments. Jun 25, 2020 There are two ways Indian residents legally can play Teen Patti for real cash. One is by playing at an online casino site that offer real money Teen Patti. The other is by downloading a Teen Patti app. Teen Patti Casinos. There are many online casinos that allow Indian residents to play real money Teen Patti.

Poker has always been a fan favourite game to gamblers worldwide. The game has numerous variations in terms of rules, number of decks of cards used and so on. One of those variations is Teen Patti, a simple and entertaining game that originates from India.

Teen Patti is widely known as the favourite poker variant to players from India. The game’s name translated into English means “three cards”, but it is also referred to as “flash” or “flush”. Those familiar with 3 Card Poker will find Teen Patti to be very similar to it.

Generally speaking, Teen Patti is a simplified version of standard poker and it is played with a single deck of 52 cards. The hand rankings are identical as the standard ones, but there are certain terms that are different since they have Indian names.

Online 3 Patti Real Money

In any case, Teen Patti is popular and adored by many players worldwide. Therefore, we decided to analyse it and provide a proper introduction to the game to our readers. In this overview of Teen Patti you will find all the information needed to get started, understand the gameplay and make smart decisions.

Teen Patti is generally offered as a Live Casino game. As of now, 10Cric offers a great Teen Patti game on their table.

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Playing Teen Patti Online

Teen Patti can be played online to win real cash at some of the betting sites we have recommended.

In order to make it easier for our readers to choose which variant of Teen Patti to play, we have reviewed it in detail and created a video review of it as well.

Teen Patti by Super Spade Games

This is a classic version of Teen Patti with hand rankings as defined. Rather than playing against the dealer, the game is played between 2 Players, Player A and Player B, and you have to decide which player is going to win.

There are 6 Options available:

  1. You can choose to Bet on Player A winning
  2. You can choose to Bet on Player B winning
  3. You can choose a Tie, and the payout will be made if both Player A and Player B have same hand rankings

Besides the bets above, there are 3 side bets available:

  1. You can bet on Pair+ for Player A cards
  2. You can bet on Pair+ for Player B cards

By placing a Pair+ bet, you, all hand rankings above Pair are paid out

  1. You can also choose to make a 6-Card bet. Once 3 cards are dealt to both player A and player B, best of 5 cards are chosen. Any hand ranking above Three of a Kind get paid

Here is a video review of playing Teen Patti on Super Spade table

Teen Patti by Ezuigi

This variant of Teen Patti is different, and is more similar to Three Card Poker. The player plays against the dealer.

On placing an initial “Ante” bet, 3 cards are dealt to the player and to the dealer. You can decide to go with continuing through, in which you make a “Play” bet. Or, you can choose to forfeit the initial Ante if you decide not to continue the game.

Dealer qualifies with a criteria as mentioned on the table.

Side Bets can also be made before the start of the play for additional winnings.

Here is a video review of playing Teen Patti on Ezuigi table

Ranking of Hands

In order to successfully play Teen Patti and even win, a player must know the ranking of hands. In other words, they must know what card combinations present a strong hand and what combinations are likely to lose. Below you can find the ranking from highest to lowest alongside short explanations of each hand:

  • Three of a kind (Trio or Trail) – just like the name suggests, this hand is made of three same cards like, for example, three fours or three Queens. The highest such combination is three Aces, whereas the lowest is three twos
  • Straight flush (Pakki Round) – poker fans know that a straight hand is one made of consecutive cards, whereas flush is made of cards of a same suit. Obviously, straight flush is a combination of both and on Teen Patti it’s called Pakki Round. An example of such hand would be A-K-Q of the same suit (heart or spade or etc.)
  • Straight (Sequence) – three consecutive cards, which are not of the same suit, make a straight hand. The highest such hand is made of Ace, King and Queen, whereas the lowest of four, three and two
  • Flush (Colour) – any three cards that share the same suit present a generally strong flush hand. In case both the player and the dealer get a flush, then the highest card in the combination is the one that gives the winner
  • Pair (Double) – any two cards of the same rank make a pair. When comparing pairs it is important to pay attention to both the pair as well as to the third card. In case the pair is identical, the winner is the one that holds the higher in rank third card
  • High card – finally, the last hand is called no pair and its name is pretty self-explanatory. When neither the player nor the dealer hold a pair, the one that has the highest card wins.

Teen Patti Gameplay

Just like all other poker games, Teen Patti begins by placing a bet. Usually, there is a set amount that has to be wagered prior the dealing of the cards. Once the player has placed the bet, the dealer starts dealing the face-down cards.

Once the player and the dealer receive their three cards, the next phase is making a call or a raise. Poker players are familiar with both these terms; call means that the player stays in the game, but doesn’t increase their bet. Raise is adding cash in the pot and therefore risking to either win or lose more than the initial wager.

However, it is important to point out that betting on Teen Patti is different from betting on other poker games. Teen Patti requires that all wagers should be even amounts; this means that if, for example, a player has placed a bet of 2 coins and then another player wagers 4 coins, the previous player must place additional 4 coins instead of adding only 2 to the former 2.

It is interesting that both call and raise on Teen Patti are often referred to as chaal.

Playing Moves

There are five recognizable Teen Patti moves. Below you can find all of them explained, even though not all of them are applicable to online Teen Patti games:

  • Blind play – playing blind means that the player hasn’t seen their cards and they are placing bets by simply guessing its hand’s strength
  • Play or chaal phase – players can see their cards at any time and decide their next move. However, at certain tables in land-based casinos it is considered fair to see and fold only when it’s your turn to play
  • Sideshow – sideshow is asking to see other players’ cards after you’ve seen yours. However, players have the right to either accept or decline that request, depending on their strategy as well as hand. The requesting player then has to wager in order to stay in the game
  • Tie – if all players refuse to show their hands, then this situation shall be handled as tie i.e. the pot shall be shared between the players since a winner cannot be chosen
  • Show – in case players decide to show their cards, then the gameplay continues until all but one player at the table pack; that one player collects the pot. Another option is for two players not to pack, in which case the one with the better hand is considered a winner.

Probabilities of the Game

Even though the probabilities of the game depend on the variation of Teen Patti played, the standard version offers the following probabilities: no pair 74.39%; pair 16.94%; flush 4.96%; straight 3.26%; straight flush 0.22% and three of a kind 0.24%.

Teen Patti Variations

There are numerous Teen Patti variations that keep the gameplay fresh. The versions that are considered most popular are:

  1. 2-3-5 (Deuce-To-Five : Do-teen-paanch ) : The highest straight here is considered to be 2-3-5
  2. Muflis : Player with the lowest card rank is a winner. This is essentially the opposite to the regular game
  3. AK47 - This game is played with Joker, so Ace King 4 and 7 are used as Jokers in the game. Any player having these can replace them for any of their cards
  4. Joker -Joker card is opened on the table and all cards of the same pip value (irrespective of suits) are treated as equal jokers
  5. Best of Four - In this variation, players get 4 cards and then keeps the best of three only

Let’s take a trip way across the pond and head over to India for our featured game of Teen Patti. Teen Patti, meaning three cards, is also known as ‘flush’ or ‘flash.’ It’s an action-packed game of competition and quick wits, where the player who holds the best card combination wins real money. While the game originated in India, it most closely resembles the British, Three Card Brag.

Knowing how to play Teen Patti should be a resolution for anyone with a penchant for card games with real money winnings. Plus, it’s just a fun game to know how to play - a game with its own rich and layered history. With Satoshi Vision’s Teen Patti strategy guide and walkthrough, you’re getting a crash course in the rules, terms, payouts, and strategies you need to exploit to win Teen Patti and get that big real money payout.

How to Play Teen Patti Online for Real Money - Need to Knows

Teen Patti is designed for three to seven players, using a standard 52-card deck - but without the jokers. There are similarities between poker and Teen Patti, especially in the way the Dealer distributes the three cards face-down, going anti-clockwise around all the players sitting at the table. The game picks the Dealer at random as the game starts. Normally, the winning hand takes on the Dealer’s mantle for the next hand. Once players have their cards, betting starts with the player to the Dealer’s immediate left. Players react accordingly as per their turn, acting depending on the strength of their hand.

Teen Patti happens to be one of those ‘last-man-standing’ games in which there are no betting limits. The players who make it all the way to the end (this number can be no more than two) will have to face-off and show their cards. Pot goes to the player with the highest-ranking hand or, if everyone folds except the player, the betting is over and the remaining player gets the real money pot.

How to Play Teen Patti Online for Real Money: Rules and Payouts

Teen Patti Basic Rules

  • Teen Patti requires three to seven players, using a standard 52-card deck without jokers.
  • The Dealer deals out three cards face down to all players at the table.
  • Betting starts with the player seated to the left of the dealer - once the cards have been dealt.
  • Players make their moves or fold depending on the strength of their hands.
  • There’s no limit to the betting rounds in the game, and there’s usually a lot of real money on the line by the end.
  • The two last players face-off, showing their cards. The player with the highest-ranking hand wins the entire real money pot.

Betting Amounts and Minimums
The amounts may differ when you’re playing online, but each player needs to put the required minimum in the pot in the middle of the table before the betting round starts. This is the minimum stake required of every player who wants a seat at the Teen Patti table.

Players have the option of betting after they have seen their cards (a Seen bet) or - and this is where Teen Patti gets really fun - bet blind, meaning they wager without seeing their cards (Blind) and letting them sit face down. Of course, they can see their cards at any point during the game and switch over to a Seen bet. This can affect the amount a player can bet on the current stake, since the “Seen” player has to bet the boot (or minimum) ante. If you’re playing Blind, you have to either bet equal to or twice the stake if the previous player is also playing Blind. This amount is halved or equal to the current stake if the previous player has opted for playing Seen. When a player is going for Seen (also known as, Chaal), they must bet twice the current stake if the previous player opts for playing Seen. If the previous player is playing Blind, then you have to bet twice or four times the current stake.

When you’re playing Teen Patti online, you don’t need to overthink the game: just click the ‘bet’ button on the game client and you’re good to go. The software then goes to work for you and determines the amount you need to bet, setting you up to win some real money.

Side Show
A player who’s playing Seen can’t demand a Show, but they can ask for a Side Show. When all active players have seen their cards, a player, once they have bet twice the current stake, can ask the player who bet before them to a Side Show, or compromise. The player can decide whether to accept or turn down the offer. If the player denies, then the betting goes on. If they accept, however, the two players have the option of comparing their cards. The player with the lower ranking hand has to fold. If the cards are equal, the player who asked for the Side Show has to fold.

Pack or Fold
Players can fold their cards whenever they want when playing Teen Patti online, or otherwise. The player who folds forfeits the amount they invested in the pot.

Important Hand Rankings in Teen Patti
Trio/Trail/Three-of-a-kind: Three cards of the same numerical rank, for example three 1s or three 4s.

Straight run/pure sequence: The cards of the same suit in a sequence: King, Queen, Jack - of spades.

Online 3 Patti Real Money

Normal run/sequence: Three cards in a sequence but not necessarily of the same suit - i.e, 2 of spades, 3 of clubs, and 4 of diamonds.

Online 3 Patti Real Money

Color: Three cards of the same suit but not in sequence: Eg, 6, 8, 10 of spades. Miami dolphins mock draft picks 2017 week 9.

Online 3 Patti Real Money Youtube

High Card: This is a hand that’s not in sequence or the same suit or color, but has the highest ranking card. To see if two players have the same high card, compare the second highest card and then the third. In Teen Patti online, the ultimate hand with high cards is Ace, King, Jack while the worst is 5, 3, 2.

Play Teen Patti Online for Real Money Now

3 Patti Game Download

Now that you’ve got all the rules, terms, and hand-rankings down, it’s time to try playing Teen Patti online yourself. You can find plenty of online casinos to play Teen Patti 24/7 without a hitch, and we hope you’ll consult our Teen Patti Strategy Guide if you ever get stuck. Chances are, you’ll get the hang of it in no time as Teen Patti is not a difficult game to play, nor does it require a lot of strategy and thinking like poker. It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re in lockdown and make some real money while you’re at it.