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The online market place for work. We give businesses and developers access to an on-demand scalable workforce. Workers can work at home and make money by choosing from thousands of tasks and jobs. You can earn real cash money by just playing games. There are several types of different games in this website like basket champs, rock the dock, knight ride, hansel and grentel etc. This games are not.

There is no shortage of legitimate ways to make money online.

With so many legitimate online money making opportunities, almost anyone can earn extra cash on the internet these days.

But, many of these sites have one shortcoming…

they aren’t that quick when it comes to paying you!

It takes weeks to get paid and in some rare cases, even months. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are scams. They are perfectly genuine sites, it’s just the way their payment system works.

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But what if you don’t want to wait weeks or months to get paid?

What if you want to be paid instantly, or at least fast within a day or so?

Well, you are in luck!

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I’ve found you a few trusted websites that do actually pay quickly, some instantly and some within 24 hours or so.

Some pay via PayPal, others will write you a check.

Here they are…

1. LifePoints (formerly known as MySurvey)

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: $10
  • Payout Speed: Instant (if you choose gift certificates)

If you like talking about products and services that you use in your everyday life, you’ll like LifePoints. It’s one of the best legitimate online survey sites that pay you to take online surveys.

Each survey can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Longer surveys usually pay more.

The best part is that you don’t need any experience or special knowledge and since it’s free, it’s a great way to make money without investing a dime.

2. Transcribe Me

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: $1
  • Payout Speed: Instant

Transcribe Me is a website where you can transcribe audio files for money.

If you don’t know what transcription is, it’s the practice of taking audio and writing it down.

It’s simple stuff, and all it requires is that you be able to type quickly!

Transcribe Me has just a short little test to see if you qualify, and then you can get right into it.

This website offers $20 per audio hour.

Each audio file takes an average of 3 hours to be transcribed.

3. Qmee

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: None
  • Payout Speed: Instant

Qmee started as a “Get paid to search” kind of site but has rapidly evolved into something more.

It is now a much more full-fledged online rewards program where you earn money for searching as well as shopping online and taking surveys.

Yes, a sort of cashback site.

They pay via PayPal.

4. Slice the Pie

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: $10
  • Payout Speed: Every Tuesday and Friday (fixed payouts)

Slice the Pie is unique among the many mini-task sites that have been very popular under the mTurk model because it’s a music review site that pays you to listen to music.

An artist’s song will play in a 90-second clip. You listen and afterward answer a few questions about what you liked and disliked.

The payment will be anywhere from 6¢ to 15¢, depending on whether or not they’re running any specials.

Payment also increases with your rank, which you’ll gain as you review more songs.

It’s not amazingly lucrative, but definitely, a more fun way to earn, than many other options.

5. Ibotta

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: $5
  • Payout Speed: Instant

Ibotta is an awesome money saving app that everyone should be using.

Ibotta pays you back for items that you buy from the store. They’ll tell you what products are sponsored, and then you’ll be compensated for buying them and checking in with the app (verified via a snapshot of your receipt.)

You can cash out when you reach the minimum requirement.

It’s worth noting that it has a referral system too, just in case the others in your life might be interested in a service like this.

6. Toluna

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: 500 points for prizes, 80,000 for vouchers.
  • Payout Speed: Depends on the reward

Like getting paid to test products?

Then you’ll love Toluna.

It’s parent company, Toluna Group, is one of the most trusted market research companies.

Toluna Influencers is their online panel where not only they pay you to test products, but also to take surveys, polls and more.

Now, you won’t be getting products to test every day or every week, but you get enough free stuff to test that it is worth joining. Plus, you can make money almost every day by taking surveys, poll and more.

7. Amazon mTurk

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: $1
  • Payout Speed: 1-2 days

Legit Sites For Earning Money Online

If you’ve heard of anything on this list, it is probably Amazon mTurk.

mTurk is the king of task websites, hosting hundreds of thousands of tasks every day and seeing very large amounts of money flow through from task providers to task-takers.

You’ll need an Amazon Payments account because this is a very official way of making money (probably the most official behind finding work on a freelancing website.)

The Amazon Payments account will want to be linked to your bank account, that way you can transfer the funds between the two (you can also spend the money on Amazon.)

The tasks are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) and they can vary greatly in difficulty, from assigning labels to pictures to writing full-on articles, or transcription work like we discussed before.

You can easily make $10 in a day, or even more if you sink a lot of time in.

mTurk is a pretty serious part of some people’s income (those who do complicated tasks with big payouts, not easy tasks that pay few cents), so it’s definitely something to look into if you find yourself in need of this type of service.

8. Newslines

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: $20
  • Payout Speed: Varies, but less than a day

Newslines is a crowdsourced news website. It’s organized by topics, which are updated as a timeline through 50-100 word posts about the topic and its details or goings-on.

You can get paid to add these little blurbs, $1 per accepted post.

It’s a great way to write and get paid. If you can find a way to get a groove going with posting things, you can easily make the money by the day. Even if not, you could probably manage to get a payment in a week or a few days.

The website is always accepting contributors, though the posts will have to pass through a minor editorial check (just to see if it fits the site’s standards.)

You can find more about what they require on their website.

9. YouGov

  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: 5000 YouGov point.
  • Payout Speed: Varies, but less than a day

YouGov is another survey panel but their surveys are very different than other survey sites. They tend to focus on big picture issues rather than consumer related stuff like products and services.

Their surveys are about social issues, politics, public affairs and topics of that nature.

Here’s something interesting…

your feedback may actually get featured on major news sites!

You see, YouGov’s data and findings are constantly used in news articles on major media and news and sometimes that could be your feedback that gets shared. If that happens, YouGov will email you to let you know you’ve been featured.


Unfortunately, a few of the sites mentioned in the original post are no longer in business. They either merged with another company or have changed direction.

For the sake of archives, I kept them here.


  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: $5
  • Payout Speed: A few hours

Postloop is a website that pays you to post to forums.

It’s mostly used by new websites who are trying to drive traffic to the site, so all you have to do is follow the links on the site and make some quality posts.

This is one of the more favorable options on the list, if for no other reason than the fact that it is so open-ended.

Reaching their minimum payout is no trouble at all, so it’s a good site to keep around if you ever need a few bucks in a pinch.


  • Official Site:
  • Payout Minimum: N/A
  • Payout Speed: Instant

We couldn’t provide the payout minimum because Jingit is pretty unique in the way that it operates the money side of things.

Jingit won’t pay out to a PayPal or a bank account – they instead payout to a Jingit Visa debit card, which you sign up for when you sign up for the site itself.

Supposedly, any money you earn goes straight to the card, which cuts out the need for a payout system.

Earnings for this site are low, $5 to $10 in a week for those who are only putting in minimal effort. This one is probably best done as a rainy day fund.

Use your Jingit account to earn funds a little bit throughout the week and just let the money save up on your card, that way you know you’ll have a little bit built up by the time you need it.

But how does Jingit work?

Well, it has sponsorship from lots of major retailers- Kraft and Walmart to name a few- and you earn money by watching ads, giving feedback on products, doing a check in at a store, or shopping for certain items.

Whatever you earn goes directly to your Jingit debit card. You can then use that card like any other gift/debit card to shop.

Final Thoughts

I am sure there are many other legitimate money making websites out there that do pay fast, but these are some of the most trusted sites to earn money with.

Have you made money with any of these or any other legitimate money earning site?

If you have used any personally and have gotten paid quick, I’d love to hear from you.

Let us know in the comments below.

How to Create A Website for Free and Earn Money Unlimited

Are you searching for how to create a website for free and earn money? This is the perfect post to know about how to make a website for free and earn money. Because I am going to share my practical experience with you. To make a website free and earn money online is a long-term process. It is not a short cut method as you are not investing.

If you can invest little in creating a website, you can quickly the money-generating process. To earn money by making a website, you must have to take proper knowledge and the right guideline. Otherwise, you may fail. To start any business, gain some knowledge about it so that you can succeed in that. The earning opportunity for money from a website is Unlimited. Read the below article where I share some AdSense earning images.

Most people jump into any business without knowing details about that business. Making a website for free and earn money is a kind of online business. so read the article properly to know details on how to create a website for free and earn money online.

How to Create A Website for Free and Earn Money Online?

I hope you know how to make money from a website. If not, no problem! read this article carefully. I shared details to make a website free and earn money. This article cover topics on-

  • How to create a website for free and earn money?
  • How to make a website for free and earn money?
  • How to monetize your website and earn money?
  • What kind of website should I make to make money?

There are lots of ways to make money from websites. You can make money by selling products online through the website. You can do affiliate marketing and earn money from the website. You can also earn money from sponsor ads using Google Adsense. If you have not enough idea, read more

Now, it’s time to know how to create a website for free and earn money. There are many ways to create a free website and earn money online. Let’s see some free website builder below.

  •– It is a free blog site builder from google.
  • Wix – You can choose a readymade stylish template and create a free website with it.
  • Weebly – A Great Website Builder with nice templates.
  • WordPress – Perfect for Blogging for free and paid.
  • Site123 – Create a free website with it. No design or programming coding skills are required.
  • Shopify– It is not fully free. But good to create eCommerce sites with some clicks. You can check their 14 days trial.

But the best one for blogging or make a simple website is You can add your custom domain through all websites. I think you know that, to make a website need a domain name and hosting. I am giving example as All other sites are the same. You can try those also. But my suggestion is at least to buy a domain that can cost only $8- $11 USD only per year. You can connect your domain to In this way, you can save the hosting costs.

Go to and create a subdomain as you want and choose a tempate for your website. This is the first step on how to create a website for free and earn money.

After that write an article and post it on your website. Now it’s time to generate visitors and monetize your website for earning money. To generate more visitors, you can share your post on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. To get visitors from Google, you have done SEO(Search Engine Optimization) also so that you post shown on google top search result and you can get lots of visitors or traffic in it.

Read more:How to make a free blog and monetize it to earn money?

How to Make A Website for Free and Earn Money Online?

To create a free website and earn money, choose one of the free website builders. Let’s say you choose or (service of google). You can build your website from a ready-made template. Then make a menu, category, and post your niche-related article. In Blogspot and another free site builder, you will get a free subdomain. You can buy a custom domain name and replace that subdomain anytime which will be better for your visitors.

Website For Earning Money

But the best suggestion is to buy a good hosting and a domain if you have some budget. Then you will get monetization your websites easily and google can rank your website quickly. The domain cost will around $10 and a good hosting price for one year is $60- $120 USD. If you go for a monthly plan your hosting cost will be $4-$10 USD only.

A good looking website attacks more visitors. You should hire a web developer to design your website if you have some budget for it. The web development cost can be $100 USD- $900 USD depending on your requirements. If you need help, you can hire us for your full website development, hosting, and maintenance. Then write an article for your website. You learned now how to create a website for free and earn money.

How to monetize your website and Earn Money?

Google Adsense

After making a free website, it’s time to generate money from that website. To generate money, you have to monetize your website. See my google AdSense money earning screenshot. The website age is approximate 6-7 months. When you will get more visitors, you can earn lots of money that are unlimited. It can be $1000 USD per month to $9,000 USD or more. You knew already how to create a website for free and earn money using and Google Adsense.

You can monetize your website with many companies such as Google Adsense and others similar to Google Adsense such as

  • is the most popular network of google AdSense alternatives on this list as it’s the contextual ad product from Yahoo/Bing.
  • PropellerAds– It is helpful for a small blog site that offers weekly payouts and a minimum payment amount of only $5 USD.
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • Adversal
  • Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)
  • Skimlinks
  • Monumetric – To get ads from this, your website needs at least 10,000 page views per month.
  • InfoLinks – Infolinks has a pretty good reputation that supports InText, InFold, InScreen, InTag, InFrame ads for advertisers. The minimum payout at Infolinks is only $50 USD. You can payout with PayPal easily.
  • ylliX
  • Evadav
  • PopCash
  • PopAds
  • RevContent
  • Adsterra
  • SHE Media
  • AdRecover
  • MadAds Media
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adbuff
  • BuySellAds -It will only work with your website if you’re getting over 100,000 page views per month.
  • AdClickMedia

But Google Adsense shares approx 68% revenue which is better than others. I personally prefer Google Adsense to monetize a website. Read the below article on how can you get AdSense approval for your website or blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Website For Earning Money In Nigeria

You can make a website free and earn money by Affiliate Marketing also. Affiliate means to sell someone’s products and get a commission for that sale. So, you can add affiliate links to your website content. When your visitor or customers buy those products using the affiliate link, you will get a commission and earn money free. Amazon affiliate is one of the best ways to make money from a website.

Make Ecommerce website

Another way to make a free website and earn money online is an eCommerce site. An online store is a good way to make money with a website especially selling various products through your website. There are two ways of doing this: one is to create a niche product that you can offer to a target market and the other is by obtaining products from foreign suppliers and selling them in your store. You can even get a third party to handle the shipping from the foreign manufacturer to your customer by adopting drop shipping.

Sponsored content

Here’s one more way on how to create a website for free and earn money is website visitors by creating sponsored posts. If you have successfully created a significant following for your website and your social media pages, you can make money by creating sponsored content. Brands pay influencers to promote their products and services. You can sell ads space of your website also.

Paid memberships

Once you have established your credibility and expertise in your selected niche, you can now start offering proprietary content or services to your visitors. For a fee, users can get access to exclusive content such as videos, papers, articles, and even downloadable material. A few examples of membership websites include online learning sites, online courses, health and fitness communities with custom fitness plans, and news websites. Hope you learned lots of things about how to create a website for free and earn money.

Make A Website Free and Earn Money Tips

A good website with good content can give you money. You don’t need to spend so much money building a website, but you will need to work hard on building your content and traffic or visitors. Without traffic, you can’t generate money. Read the article on different types of money-making websites for free. You will get more ideas to make a website and earn money for free.

Conclusion of how to create a website for free and earn money

This article cover on topics

  • How to create a website for free and earn money?
  • Create a free mobile website and earn money
  • Create free website and earn money online
  • How to make a website for free and earn money?
  • How to monetize your website and earn money?
  • What kind of website should I make to make money?

Real Website For Earning Money Sites

I discussed how to create a website for free and earn money in detail. I hope this article helps you with website earning. If you have more suggestions or you need to know something about making a website for a free website and earn money online, you can comment below, I will try to reply. Thanks!