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In order to obtain slot times at a fully coordinated airport the operator must apply for a slot by sending a request to the coordinator in IATA SSIM. format. The main principles and rules for SSIM messages: All dates, days and times are in UTC Timings are on stand/off stand (not runway time). Three years ago, SCR888 casino was rename to 918KISS to improve the gambling experience for the players. The renaming led to the addition of online slot machines. Nevertheless, the nature of gambling and the selection of games that was inherent in SCR888 remained the same. Interesting facts about slot. The slot games at SCR888 has a user-friendly interface and can be easily downloaded to your mobile, computer as well as other devices. You can be thrilled with the free spins and bonuses that you can get. The games in SCR888 APK are exciting, and you will enjoy learning tricks and strategies to win the game. Sky SCR is a particular adaptation of SCR techniques. It can only be used where there's an existing multiswitch installation, and is meant to get round the problem of supplying twin lnb feeds to dual tuner Sky receivers, where there's only one drop cable per flat. You add an SCR unit across 4 mutlswitch outlets, to give: 1. SCX 1/32 Slot Car FIAT 124 Spyder Bacchelli Scabini Red Rally #5 W Lights A10220. SCX Straight Track 28 Pack Scx70050. 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) Total Ratings 2, $19.99 New. SCX 1/43 Compact (4) Short Straight Track Pieces 114mm Scx70060.

Scr Slots

Are you new to the coordination business or not quite familiar with SCR messages? Then, please visit our special tailored 'SCR Crash Course'!

Main Principles

Geneva and Zurich are declared 'coordinated 'level 3' airports', therefore please carefully study the following information on how to deal with such airports: Jackpot city register account.

  • General and business aviation flights see here
  • Airport slots shall be requested at least 3 working days in advance
  • We only accept SCR formatted messages (Slot Clearance Request) to request, change or delete airport slots (please refrain from calling or sending any ASM, SSM or free-text messages!)
  • We kindly ask you to follow IATA SSIM chapter 6, your cooperation is appreciated!
  • It is mandatory to send all SCR messages in transit/turn-around format using aircraft subtypes only (e.g. 73G or 738 instead of 737). This is applicable for the submission as well as for any later modifications and cancellations (see IATA SSIM manual chapter 6.2).
  • Offers are valid for 3 business days only (WASG chapter 10.14.3) and will be cancelled again if no reply received.
  • Incorrectly formatted SCR messages are auto-rejected by our coordination system, same applies to retrospective changes!
  • The SSIM chapter 6 formatted message must be plain text (not HTML) placed directly in the email body. No attachments, logos or special characters should be used. The senders email address has to be repeated on the second line of the message header (IATA SSIM chapter 6.2.1).
    Please observe that we do not accept requests sent from free email accounts!
  • An SCR message does not include any provision for ground handling. Please inform your handling agent separately and well in advance!

Actual Day of Operation

  • A cleared airport slot is valid on the actual day of operation and needs not to be adjusted in case of operational delays (unless otherwise stated).
  • Flights postponed to the next day require a new airport slot and the current slot held must be cancelled. Please use action codes 'D/N' and not 'C/R' on your respective SCR message.
  • Airport slots for not operated flights must be returned as early as possible.
Scr Slot

Note: For General and Business Aviation flights special conditions apply. Please contact directly your handling agent.

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Geneva Specials

Any change in aircraft type (including family subtype change) must be advised by SCR. Please mind that on weekends during winter seasons operational upgrade of equipment is limited!

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Zurich Specials

  • Flights into/out of SR Technics Maintenance obligatory require an airport slot. Requests for such ferry flights must be submitted as single lines (no turnaround format) using service type code 'T'.
  • World Economic Forum (annual meeting January in Davos):
    Flights in connection with WEF must be cleared via handling agents as several local rules and special conditions apply for such movements.

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  • The SHL will be sent out latest on the respective deadline date and must be acknowledged from your side. Contact us if you are missing your SHL after this date !
  • Please mind the 'Agreed Historics Deadline' (one week before the submission deadline). Any dispute raised after this date will not be considered!


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  • Any submission (incl. historic submission and submission for historic changes) must cover at least a period of 5 consecutive movements ('series of slot') and must be submitted in turnaround format!
  • For historical changes each C-line must be followed by the respective R-line. It is not permitted to use multiple C-lines in combination with a single R-line!
  • Historical slots cannot be claimed using submission code 'N'!
  • Historical slots are day specific and cannot be claimed for weekday changes!
  • Submission of period extensions (incl. fill in) and additional days of operation must be submitted as new request (use of submission codes 'F' and 'C/R' is not permitted!)
  • Historical arrivals cannot be used to submit new departure requests, same applies for historical departure slots ('historical arrival/departure swaps during submission')!
  • Flight number changes for historic submission must use code 'C/R' and not 'F'
  • Please submit ad-hoc flights and ad-hoc changes (less than 5 consecutive movements) earliest in February for summer and in September for winter season!

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Slot Return

  • Please make sure that your waitlist information does correspond with our records. Without correct information we will not be able to improve waitlisted flights during slot return processing!
  • We kindly ask you to send any non-seasonal administrative changes (aircraft, routing and service type changes) only after slot return processing to ease possible waitlist improvements.
  • Please send any ad-hoc cancellations only after 15th but before 31st to ease seasonal waitlist improvements!
  • We only accept requests for ad-hoc flights (less than 5 consecutive movements) and ad-hoc changes after Historics Baseline Date (HBD)!
  • We require 3-5 working days for the slot return processing and waitlist improvements. During these days we are not able to accept any additional requests or ad-hoc changes for the respective season!