Sportybet App For Ios

Meet the resize video app by Clideo

The handy iPhone app to resize videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest – it’s your faithful adjutant right in your pocket.

Its key features:

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Sportybet App For Ios
  • More than 90 presets for different post types of the listed social media;
  • Custom resolution;
  • Options to resize a video with cropping or without;
  • Blurred or coloured borders.

Our app works perfectly in offline mode, so you don’t need an internet connection to edit your recordings. If you have Android or another device, you still can use the online version of the tool.

The full functionality of our app is available free of charge. However, we offer two subscription options that allow you to remove watermarks. Don’t worry, even if you decide to keep the watermark, we made it small and transparent, not annoying at all.

  • Sep 10, 2019 The good news for Android phone users is that SportyBet provides its own dedicated Android-based app. The bad news for iPhone or iPad users is that there is no dedicated iOS-app. Owners of iPhone and iPads do not have to miss out though as you can use the SportyBet site directly in any browser, such as Safari.
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  • Download the latest version of SportyBet Mobile for Android. Access the SportyBet betting platform. Android / Lifestyle / Gambling / SportyBet Mobile. SportyBet Mobile. Manage your sports bets with this app. Manage your soccer team and earn money. An unofficial app for Bet9ja.
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How to resize a video in no time

No matter what social medium you need to adjust your video for — YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, the resize app by Clideo will come in handy.

  1. Choose a video

    Download the Clideo’s resize video app from App Store to your iPhone. Open it and tap the plus sign on the “My projects” screen to add a recording from your camera roll.

  2. Resize the video

    If you don’t want to bother yourself with aspect ratios and other technical details, just hit an emblem of the social medium you need: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

    Then select the necessary post type. Again, there are more than 90 presets of video resizing available! Take a look at the screenshots to see examples of the presets for Insta, Facebook and YouTube.

    You can also choose to hit the “Custom” button where you will be presented with 10 different aspect ratio presets not connected to a specific social network: a square size (1:1), a horizontal orientation (16:9), a vertical one (9:16) and others. Tap one to select.

    If you know exactly the necessary height or width, input one of them in pixels to a box below the presets and the second one will be set automatically to fit the chosen aspect ratio.

    If you know both parameters, tap the chain sign between two boxes so they stop to depend on the aspect ratio. Then just input both of them manually.

  3. Choose a crop option

    If you want to resize your video with no crop, select the Fit option. Using two fingers you can change the position of the video, zoom it in or out.

    There will be borders left, so tap 'Background' and select the Blur option or one of the 18 colours.

    If you want to crop your video, tap on 'Fill', so the video will fill the whole frame, and change its position using two fingers. You can also zoom in or out.

  4. Save your project

    When you are ready, tap “Done” in the top right corner and “Save” below the player. The resized video will be saved with watermark to Photos on your iPhone and to “My projects” in the app.

    If you want to save the video without watermark, choose between two subscription options.

Are you addicted to playing games on iOS and Android smartphones? Have you ever thought of an easy way to hack into these games and play like a boss? Recently I discovered a new app called, Gamegem. This Gamegem app has the superpower to hack most of the popular Android and iOS games. Gamegem iOS app and Gamegem android app, both are available to install. That means, both all the smartphone users who are fond of playing games can install Gamegem app and tweak the games. You can download Gamegem app for iOS and Android by following our tutorial below.


What Can Gamegem App Do?

I would first like to mention that though Gamegem app can hack most of the iOS and Android games, it can not hack all of them. The developers of Gamegem app are, however, trying to bring all the games under their roof so that everyone can be benefited. Essentially, Gamegem app is most useful in games which involve use of credits or resources. For example, in some games users have to run their fingers hard on their smartphone and then collect credits or points. They can then use these credits or points to buy upgrades in the game. Gamegem eradicates this barrier and makes the access to these credits easier than ever.

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Install Gamegem app by following the tutorial below. We will first discuss how to install Gamegem for iOS and then for Android. According to the smartphone, you can follow the procedure, download Gamegem app and install it.

Download Gamegem iOS App Install Gamegem For iOS

Gamegem iOS app can be installed only on jailbroken iPhone/iPad. This is the only limitation for Gamegem app against all the advantages. Please continue and perform the steps below carefully only as mentioned.

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  1. You will need the Big Boss default repository for being able to install Gamegem for iOS.
  2. After you’ve checked that you fulfill all the requirements, Open Cydia.
  3. Move to “Sources” and select Big Boss default repo.
  4. Search for “Gamegem”.
  5. Download and install Gamegem iOS app.
  6. Go to the home screen and tap on the Gamegem icon to start the app.


The above steps are very easy to follow. If you still have any questions then please comment down below and I’ll help you out. Others can continue and read the guide on how to use Gamegem app for iPhone to hack games. The Gamegem app gets frequent updates. If the game you play cannot be hacked by Gamgem right now, there’s nothing to worry. The table might turn soon and the new Gamegem update might bring the hack for new games.

How To Use Gamegem App To Hack Games?

  1. Start the game which you want to hack.
  2. Note down the resource which you want to manipulate.
  3. Check how many of those resources you have currently.
  4. Close the game. Start the Gamegem app.
  5. I’m taking an example of Final Fantasy 5 game.
  6. On the top left corner, tap on the app select button.
  7. Select Final Fantasy 5 from that.
  8. Enter the amount of resource which you currently have and wish to increase,
  9. Tap on search. If you get too many results then start the game, use a couple of resources and come back.
  10. If you get fewer results, like 7-10 then you can scan them easily.
  11. Tap on the view result button. Now select Modify.
  12. Enter the number of resources that you want.
  13. For a trail purpose just increase it by 20-30.
  14. Tap on Modify again and close the app.
  15. Start the game and get surprised when you can your resources.

Sportybet App For Ios 13.4

Boom! You now got unlimited access to the credits/points which you had to earn by spending a lot of time. Easier done than said I guess. Once you get hold of the process, manipulating the games will be a simple task. Check out the video below to understand better if you could not in the steps above.

How To Download Gamegem For Android?

Sportybet Ghana

Unfortunately, Gamegem is only available for iOS. We are deliberately waiting for the Android release of Gamegem app. But, we don’t want you guys to go back empty-handed. After a deep research, we have found a substitute of Gamegem for android. Not one but two. Yes. Android users have actually an advantage over iOS.

Sportybet App For Ios Ipsw

Nfl bets this week. There are two apps which can work like Gamegem for android. Lucky Patcher and Creehack. We have already written a guide for Lucky Patcher and Creehack. You can download and install them easily. Using Lucky patcher and creehack is just as simple as it was with Gamegem.

Android users have actually an advantage over iOS. You need not have your smartphone rooted for using Lucky Patcher and Creehack. Unlike iOS, Android users can sleep well at night containing the fact that their warranty is safe and secure.