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Women take great care over their wardrobe, ensuring that they have several options to suit any occasion and, unsurprisingly, panties are no exception. The average woman owns 34 pairs of underwear, according to a study, meaning that the finer sex has plentiful options in her arsenal.

Not all panties are the same, of course, with many ladies separating their underwear drawer into two separate columns. Firstly, you will find her everyday pairs of cotton pants she will call upon for a day at the office or afternoon tea with her girlfriends. The second pile will be her ‘best’ panties that make her feel cool, confident and sexy, ideal for her romantic endeavours. With all of that taken into consideration, it’s probably no shock at all that the average woman has around 34 pairs ready to go at any one time.

Woman Bingo Reviews


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How Does that Figure Compare with Men?

You may not be at all surprised to learn that the average man owns fewer pants than the average woman. In fact, in the UK, men own just 13 pairs of underwear on average compared to the 34 owned by women. That isn’t the worst of it, however, with men refusing to admit their underwear has seen better days and continuing to wear them for four years on average!

Underwear should be replaced every six months to a year, meaning that many males are walking the streets in desperate need of new underpants. Luckily, here at Need Undies we also cater for gentlemen as well as the ladies, so there should not be any problem in ensuring either yours or your man’s underwear drawer stays fresh with briefs that offer the support needed.

Underwear for Any Occasion

Daily 4 lottery indiana. Whereas men are likelier to throw on a pair of briefs and not think anything of it until bedtime, women are naturally much more considerate in their underwear of choice. When choosing an outfit, ladies like to consider both the style and practicality of the ensemble. What occasion are we picking out an outfit for? Will this be for a casual date with friends? Am I dressing for a day at the office? Should I wear something a little more flattering for that someone special?

At Need Undies, you will find stunning pieces ranging from casual cotton panties to endearing lingerie to set you up for whatever life throws at you. Click here to view our entire selection of underwear and take your pick from some of the biggest names in fashion, including Triumph, Jockey, Sloggi, Anita, Playtex and Royce.

Which Bingo Site Is Best

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